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Chris Richardson

Associate  Director







Christine is married to Phil Richardson. The proud mother of three adult daughters. Gemma & Hannah are both married and live locally in Torbay. Alissa lives at home still and works as an Industrial designer in Albany, Auckland.

A graduate of Te Nikau Bible College. Chris provides pastoral care for a diverse group of people not only within the church but in a staff support role and a marketplace ministry at New Zealand’s largest secondary school.

As a worship leader and mentor. Chris for many years  has inspired vibrant , passionate worship in local and trans local settings.

  • Married: To Phil for 31 years , Mother to Gemma   , Alissa  & Hannah  Nanna two grandsons Elijah & Noah
  • Home Church: Faith Pointe Church
  • Postal Address: 6 Alnack Place , Torbay , Auckland ,NZ
  • Phone: (09) 473.6303 home office ; (021)989.256
  • E MAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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