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Ps Phil Richardson



Pastor Phil Richardson is the Director & Founder of Church Mobilization Charitable Trust.


Ps Phil is an inspirational visionary who energetically injects motivation into the hearts of local and international churches. His clear prophetic & apostolic ministry is releasing 100’s of churches and 1000’s of individuals, across the entire denominational spectrum, into a new mission paradigm of Church Centered Missions.

He leads an international team of mission mobilizes strategically coaching, mentoring and brokering churches in new paradigms of Modern Mission and Church Growth Development.

His passion is to see the wider church deployed strategically and relevantly into cutting edge missions locally and internationally. While seeing the wider body of Christ equipped, developed and deployed in their unique gift and calling.

Phil’s keen understanding and insight into both local and global missions is brings new excitement, clarity and awareness to churches, pastors & individuals. He has an uncompromising passion for the word of God and to serve the church. As a speaker, he triggers both passion and strategy for local and international mission.


Phil is a Pastor to Pastors. Mentoring Market-place Leaders, Cooperate Executives & Missions Leaders.

  • Married: to Christine for 32 years,
  • Father: to Gemma   , Alissa   & Hannah and Granddad to Elijah and Noah
  • Missions Interlink (NZ) : National Council & Excuitive  
  • Postal Address: 6 Alnack Place , Torbay , Auckland ,NZ
  • Phone: (09) 473.6303 home office ; (021)989.256
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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