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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific


Church Mobilization is working closely with a diverse group of Indigenous Field Leaders and Missionaries. Across the entire Asia Pacific and sub Continent.

People that are making a profound difference and impacts N.G.O.s, Medical Missions, Micro Enterprises, Leadership seminars and children ministry's.

We take great delight in connecting church’s and short term teams, with a variety of projects.

Key Partnership is with Pacific2Nation



DAYAKS Borneo:

Ronny & Kay Hayboer

Living waters Village

They work in the discipleship of children and emerging leaders, caring for an emerging generation, with education accommodating and healthcare. They are one of the most dynamic visionary's and missionaries of the 21 century. They have literally carved out of the jungle of Borneo, a training Centre for thousands of people in the heart of this Island.


Living Waters Village Borneo

They receive volunteers from all over the world HELPING REACH ONE OF THE WORLD MOST DIVERSE PEOPLE GROUPS.



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